Boxing Day Points Update

Series 60 Points – Current through Boxing Day!

Points will be updated ASAP following last night’s Grote Prijs Shawnee, and throughout the day on Saturday.  Last race determines any series ties…

Please plan on staying, returning, or sending someone to pick up series prizes at the end of the day on Saturday. Awards Ceremony will start immediately after the 4/5/singlespeed/fat bike race.

Come ‘Cross Off the Old Year with us.

Happy Holidays! Points are up to date

series60pts – Some of you spent the morning watching little ones play with new toys…I updated the series points. You’re welcome.

See you tomorrow for Boxing Day CX in Leawood Park, Wednesday night for Grote Prijs Shawnee, and Saturday for ‘Cross Off the Old Year.  The latter two races are held at Herman Laird Park in Shawnee.  Series prizes will be awarded following the last race on Saturday, and you’ll still get home in time to celebrate New Year’s Eve!

Points Update – One Race Left in the Series

Series points have been tallied following Sunday’s Grote Prijs Shawnee races.  Series 60 Points 2015

The course has been set for Tomorrow’s Cross Off the Old Year in Herman Laird Park.  It will be a bit different than it was on Sunday.

This will be the race used to break any ties in standings, and all series prizes will be awarded following the races in the warm and cozy Town Hall.  Beer and warm food will also be inside the town hall where you can defrost after your race or between races.

If you can’t stay for the awards, please designate someone to pick your award up.

See you tomorrow!